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All of the goodness, none of the grind. Enjoy delicious drinks & snacks made from real organic produce, and nothing else.

100% organic, plastic-free

all vegan
no refined sugar
home compostable
no artificial ingredients
non GMO
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healthy habits, delivered


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easy to make, ready in seconds

honestly, it's just fruits & veggies

Some people are skeptical - we get it. But it happens to be true: the only ingredients we use are organic plants. No colors, flavor enhancers, preservatives or fillers. No added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Just the world’s best produce, with the water taken out so that the nutrients stay in.

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five-a-day, on the go

There’s never been an easier way to reach your recommended five cups of daily fruits and vegetables. All the nutrients and flavor from real organic produce, and none of the hassle.

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Save Time

Get Nourished

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free nutrition coaching

The recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies for adults is five servings. kencko’s team of Registered Dietitians is here to help you build healthy habits - and stick to them. We offer free, friendly, nutrition education with a ‘health at every size’ approach.

love fruit, hate waste?

We freeze-dry organic produce to keep it fresher for longer. That means you can eat more fruits and vegetables with less impact on the planet.

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what people are saying

They are very convenient and they taste great

Bridget M

Verified purchase

Our family loves all of the flavors and it is very convenient. Everything tastes extremely clean and fresh. These have even helped our kids eat more fruit and vegetables.

Megan K

Verified purchase

It's a great product! So glad it exists

Stephanie C

Verified purchase

I love the fact how convenient the smoothie packets are! My schedule is busy so I don’t have time to go out and get all the fruit. Plus I love the bottle that comes with it!

Olivia W.

Verified purchase

Its easy, tastes very good, its organic. I can take it to work and mix it when i need it.


Verified purchase

Just love your smoothies They are full of nutrients and that are tasting like fresh. I’m in love 😍 with these products. Thank you

Daniela Saghin

Verified purchase

I’ve mixed all the package either with juice or with plant milk (soy milk & oat milk) and they are absolutely delicious! It definitely makes me feel full on the day that I don’t get a lunch from work! While getting the nutrients I need! I am recommending this to all my love ones.

Anka M

Verified purchase

It's super convenient. I don’t have to worry about wasting food since it’s shelf stable for a year.

Jennifer H

Verified purchase

Fruits, spices, vegetables... all in one, made from the best quality products, and packaged in environmentally friendly packaging. What else could you wish for. When I make my smoothie, it looks like it´s made with freesly peeled fruit. It makes it easier for me to take a good product when I´m traveling or away from home. Thank you very much.

Lourdes S.

Verified purchase

I love chewy sweets and since I'm trying to be more healthy, this is perfect to snack on when I'm wanting something sweet and chewy.


Verified purchase

Love them very very much. The gingerella are SO DANG GOOD for us ginger lovers.


Verified purchase

I was excited to try them, now I can't get em outta my head. Please send more!


Verified purchase

Just an excellent idea as I am travelling a lot - would use this to ensure I am not just eating s**t food in the airport.


Verified purchase

Delicious, healthy, fun - and I love the compostable packaging.


Verified purchase


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